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McAfee Vs Norton | Find Out Who is the Winner (2019 Updated)


The word Virus itself sounds quite dangerous and the effects of those viruses are also very dangerous for a computer. The virus is malicious software that can easily spoil the functioning of a computer in a very short time. It doesn’t let the user learn about it when it has affected the computer. Hence, in order to not take any risk in the later stages and as we believe in the principle Prevention is better than cure, we all prefer to have an Antivirus installed in our computers. In the present market, so many numbers of Antivirus products are available. In this article, we explain the Norton vs Mcafee 2019.  Now the question arises, which Antivirus to choose for the protection?

Is McAfee antivirus good?

The McAfeeAntivirus gives award-winning protection against the virus in your computer. It is also considered as the Lightning-Fast Antivirus as it gets downloaded very quickly and also functions quickly as well. The McAfee Antivirus supports many platforms or operating systems like Android, iOS and the other operating systems as well. The McAfee Antivirus is considered very quick to download and is also very light on the computer resources, which takes less storage as well. It has proved that it is the only free antivirus you will be needing.

Features of McAfee Antivirus:

The McAfee Antivirus is a well-featured software and also covers all the aspects of an efficient and effective Antivirus as well. It is considered to be an Intelligent Antivirus and knows to differentiate between malicious and good software on its own. The Antivirus possess an Advanced Threat Defense, which is quite difficult to break through.

If you want to purchase the Antivirus instead of downloading it free, the app gives additional features like has Multi-layer ransomware protection, gives free online support, becomes a wi-fi security advisor, provides a VPN to surf on, is your password manager, becomes your search advisor, also it gives Webcam Protection, creates a Firewall, provides safety to the files, helps in parental control and file encryption and also speeds up your device as well. The most important feature it provides, which is quite necessary in today’s world is that it provides best Online banking protection, which is the need of the day as in recent times, the net banking and online transactions have been demanded more than the cash transactions.

The McAfee Antivirus possess all these features to make it unique and more dependable than the other antiviruses in the market. It also helps in Automatic updates as it is an intelligent antivirus and the best feature for the free version is that it is anti-phishing and anti-fraud. It prevents you from landing onto scam websites or corrupted websites and also provides safety to all of your passwords.

What else shall be demanded if all of these features are provided? It is also easy to download the free version of the McAfee Antivirus as it is just completed in a few clicks. To download and purchase the McAfee Antivirus you need to give your banking details and confirmation to download it.

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