I believe every health personnel with a background in technology and also interested in this field should focus and get properly involved as the general advancement in technology as in connection with the health facilities and record keeping will certainly give Nursing Informatics the proper environment to be more lucrative and much sought after.

McAfee Vs Norton | Find Out Who is the Winner (2019 Updated)


The word Virus itself sounds quite dangerous and the effects of those viruses are also very dangerous for a computer. The virus is malicious software that can easily spoil the functioning of a computer in a very short time. It doesn’t let the user learn about it when it has affected the computer. Hence, in order to not take any risk in the later stages and as we believe in the principle Prevention is better than cure, we all prefer to have an Antivirus installed in our computers. In the present market, so many numbers of Antivirus products are available. In this article, we explain the  Norton vs Mcafee 2019.  Now the question arises, which Antivirus to choose for the protection?

Is McAfee antivirus good?

The McAfeeAntivirus gives award-winning protection against the virus in your computer. It is also considered as the Lightning-Fast Antivirus as it gets downloaded very quickly and also functions quickly as well. The McAfee Antivirus supports many platforms or operating systems like Android, iOS and the other operating systems as well. The McAfee Antivirus is considered very quick to download and is also very light on the computer resources, which takes less storage as well. It has proved that it is the only free antivirus you will be needing.

Features of McAfee Antivirus:

The McAfee Antivirus is a well-featured software and also covers all the aspects of an efficient and effective Antivirus as well. It is considered to be an Intelligent Antivirus and knows to differentiate between malicious and good software on its own. The Antivirus possess an Advanced Threat Defense, which is quite difficult to break through.

If you want to purchase the Antivirus instead of downloading it free, the app gives additional features like has Multi-layer ransomware protection, gives free online support, becomes a wi-fi security advisor, provides a VPN to surf on, is your password manager, becomes your search advisor, also it gives Webcam Protection, creates a Firewall, provides safety to the files, helps in parental control and file encryption and also speeds up your device as well. The most important feature it provides, which is quite necessary in today’s world is that it provides best Online banking protection, which is the need of the day as in recent times, the net banking and online transactions have been demanded more than the cash transactions.

The McAfee Antivirus possess all these features to make it unique and more dependable than the other antiviruses in the market. It also helps in Automatic updates as it is an intelligent antivirus and the best feature for the free version is that it is anti-phishing and anti-fraud. It prevents you from landing onto scam websites or corrupted websites and also provides safety to all of your passwords....Continue to Reading

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Want To Watch Videos? Start Vidmate!


Are you a fan of watching online videos? If yes, you’re in the reading the perfect article right now. Watching videos, be it music videos or of some shows or clips of movies or reality tv, is like an addiction for the present generation, and this has spread like wild fire to the other generations also. Even parents and grandparents have started watching videos and movies online with the click of a button on their smartphones. This is a very normal behaviour in today’s world. But have you ever realised how much data you spend every time you watch a video online.

A normal-quality video streaming uses approximately 72MB per hour on an average and high-quality music streaming uses approximately115MB per hour on an average. That is not something to be taken lightly, is it? That is why the new app Vidmate has been introduced. Vidmate App Download then it allows you to download songs, music videos, other kinds of videos like those your favourite show or reality tv and even movies onto your smartphone and provides you with the chance of watching these videos on loop without having to worry about data-usage. Isn’t that great?

Why Should You Download Vidmate?

Now, many of you must be thinking that downloading these songs and videos is the same as watching them online. It is not. Through this app, you can download any song, any video or movie that you like instantly and is faster than any other app. Once you download the songs or videos via Vidmate, they get stored on your phone and you can watch those unlimited times. This is not something that you can do online. Every time you watch these online, you will end up spending the double amount of data on them. So, rather than spending it every time you need to watch a video, why not just spend it once and download the songs or videos and continue to watch them n-number of times? Doesn’t this sound way easier and faster than what you have been doing for so long?

Where Can You Find Vidmate?

Vidmate Apk can be found on the Android Play Store as well as Apple App Store and it is a free app that is it can be downloaded for free, except if there are any in-app purchases...Continue to Reading

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How to Download Blackmart APK for Android Mobile Phones Free?


There are many people who are bored of using Google Play Store because there are many apps and games which are not available in Google play store. Apart from this, there are many useful apps as well which you need to buy from play store. So if you are looking for an alternative market which can provide all your favorite apps and games and offers you the paid games for free, then there is nothing which can replace Blackmart APK. This Blackmart APK is loaded with a huge collection of games and apps.


There are many games and apps which are not available in Google play store, or most of those are paid app. Only Blackmart APK can help you to download those games and app for free and easy. Blackmart APK provides a very big platform to access all the Android apps and games. You will get almost all the facilities of Google play store here. This app comes for free. The main thing is there you don’t need to create an account to access all the facilities like Google play store.


People those who used Blackmart, find this app very attractive and trustworthy than any other apps. Most of the people think there is no other Android market than Google Play Store. So I hope this article will be very helpful for them as here I am going to discuss all you need to know about Blackmart APK.


Blackmart APK is basically an app which is the alternative to Google Play Store. This app supports almost all the smartphones and platforms such as android, blackberry, and windows. This is the best app for PC users especially those who are using Android emulator. By using this app, one can download and install all the Android apps. By using Blackmart APK, you can download and install your favorite Android games and apps for free that also without registration...Read More

CinemaBox is a Useful App for Watching Movies on your Mobile!!

CinemaBox offered you the most exciting and useful app if you are a movie maniac and have a lust for watching all the blockbuster movies on your mobile. CinemaBox is the most useful movie downloading the app and is used by many people all over the world. People can watch HD movies and TV shows. They can either download them on to their devices or even stream them live.

For a better movie or shows watching experience, you can download this movie downloading the app and use Chromecast of Google and cast the video to another big screen and have a better viewing experience.

CinemaBox App Support for Android and iOS Devices:

CinemaBox even is supported by Android and iOS operating systems and so the interested people can download this app on any of their Android or iOS devices and use the app for watching movies or TV shows...Continue to Reading

What Is Nursing Informatics?

If I had told you several years ago that my job description was as a Nursing Informatics Clinical Project Manager or a Clinical Informatics Specialist, I believe you would have been highly surprised, it is likely you would not have the faintest idea of what i am talking about. 

However, that aspect of the nursing profession has become much more relevant in the last few years and is even likely to gain more ground once aspects of information technology are properly accepted as part of the nursing profession and general health care. This brings us to the question , What can we call

Nursing Informatics?

A nurse who is specialised in informatics can be viewed as a nurse who participates in certain activities that focus on how to apply technology and information to nursing, such a nurse also combines the knowledge of computer and general health care together to make available procedures  and skills that will improve access to medical information and techniques and also at the same time ensure safety in health facilities.

This skill also enables nurses to manage information effectively while relating to their patients or clients. The next question that automatically comes up is to ask about what nurses working in informatics do?

In this regard I have seen job responsibilities that range from managing projects, handling medical information and records to also being involved with software specifically designed for nurses and nursing.

This nurses also develop and carry out training programmes for other nurses in the use of nursing related software or program as well as also creating clinical information systems for health facilities.

There is a Not - for -profit organization called Health care Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS ), thIs organization along with the American Nurses Informatics websites  make information available on the possible role of Nurse Informatics, advise on such a career, associations that you could join and other related issues.

Examples of jobs in this field can be found and related to the following;

Education/Training programs

Acute care facilities

Long Term Care organizations

Private Companies or Vendors

or you could even  be an independent contractor in  software designing, training or consulting.

Whenever you see job titles like;

Project Manager, Implementation Specialist,

Clinical Analyst, Nurse Specialist Informatics

Nurse Clinical Consultant and Systems Analyst they are strongly related to nursing and the use of technology in health care.

The renumeration for nurses in this line could be around $70,000 in Long Term Care facilities and be as high as $130,000 for those Consulting. I believe this field can bring great opportunities for those who want to invest in nursing and general healthcare.

This type of nurses will certainly be the driving force for the new trend of health care management because they will certainly  help in reshaping the health care system and also the design of vital health care related software and facilities.

They higher the number of nurses that embrace this new trend, the better for the safety of patients and clients which will ultimately lead to effective and efficient health care delivery.

Can We Apply Locard's Exchange Principle to Cyber Crime?

In the analysis of the top source for crime related income as carried out a few months ago, crimes related to computer and the use of Internet has significantly gained more prominence than drug trafficking which has been undoubtedly in first place for several years.

When the use of Internet started gaining prominence it was assumed that it would definitely  be an effective method of carrying out research generally, if much thought was given to its limitless application maybe a lot of regulation and protection could have been developed with it as it grew.

An analysis of news and information as it filters in shows that an alarming high percentage of It is related to incidents of personal information theft and bank related fraud that have left many accounts siphoned just because a percentage of the population has found a way to use the potentials of the internet to carry out their criminal intentions.

The possession of an internet enabled device and an internet connection has really changed the way criminal investigation is now carried out. I was privileged to read a reputable analysis of the effect of this crime and discovered that almost 10 million Residents of America were  affected by the activities of this criminals in the year 2010 and their loss resulted in over 250 million US Dollars.

Let us talk about The Locard Exchange Principle which I will abbreviate to (LEP) An authority in forensic investigation; Dr. Edmond Locard, who was popularly referred to as the French version of "Sherlock Holmes," created the basic principle of forensic science, which states that "Every contact leaves a trace," basically Locard's theory was more focused on the physical contact that the criminal had with items on the crime scene.

However, the crime scene we have most times in cybercrime does not involve anything physical but is actually extended to every Internet enabled device and an Internet connection which can be found almost everywhere. The dilemma that this gives us is "How can Locard's Exchange Principle apply to a device that may not have any stable physical location", experts in digital investigation believe that it does.

If a computer system that has protection from unauthorised persons is still illegally accessed by a criminal with an indepth knowledge, how can this exchange principle apply? since It has been argued that this kind of crime usually leaves no physical evidence. It is true that ordinarily the criminal would leave no physical trace that he was there,  but It is possible that electronically there could be evidence from the computer's access logs or a record showing that there was a file accessed through a particular network transmission.

It is also possible that when a side-channel analysis is applied to any activity on a computer  device's storage it can reveal if any network operations was carried out. There is also the option of combing through the access logs of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if there were any unauthorised access.

It might be quite impossible to show that a particular data was taken when you use all this methods, however you will be able to know that data was removed somewhere. Spying on corporate competitors is more prevalent  lately and it has become a real problem to the U.S. economy and also a threat to the security of the nation.

Information from the U.S. security agencies  agencies has warned politicians and alleged that the People's Republic of  China and Russia are engaged in acts of spying through the internet. when they succeed,  some "Trade secrets that has taken a long time to create by exceptional  people minds are  taken and given to corporate rivals, this governments  have however denied the allegations.

When we now take the Cyber Exchange Principle and relate it to crimes carried out through the internet, a thorough inspection of one computer or server will show that there was illegal access and the detective then realises that the crime Is linked to more than a computer even when the other computers are seperated by over a thousand miles or are in different countries.

The person carrying out this crime will surely not reveal his fingerprints, foot prints, or traces of body fluids when the act is carried out, however his electronic action reveals little details of unauthorised access and data removal at several points and this is what becomes important in tracing the crime and catching the culprit.

ThIs theory of Dr. Edmond Locard given several years ago should be allowed to be of great consideration in the operation of our cybercrime investigators as they try to unravel the signs of network activity that each computer can reveal and any other traces which the internet can show.

An authoritative developer of software for Internet related security revealed that almost $120 billion Was stolen from over 400 million persons in the year 2011. I think it is high time that the fight against cybercrime becomes globally reinforced.