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How to Download Blackmart APK for Android Mobile Phones Free?


There are many people who are bored of using Google Play Store because there are many apps and games which are not available in Google play store. Apart from this, there are many useful apps as well which you need to buy from play store. So if you are looking for an alternative market which can provide all your favorite apps and games and offers you the paid games for free, then there is nothing which can replace Blackmart APK. This Blackmart APK is loaded with a huge collection of games and apps.


There are many games and apps which are not available in Google play store, or most of those are paid app. Only Blackmart APK can help you to download those games and app for free and easy. Blackmart APK provides a very big platform to access all the Android apps and games. You will get almost all the facilities of Google play store here. This app comes for free. The main thing is there you don’t need to create an account to access all the facilities like Google play store.


People those who used Blackmart, find this app very attractive and trustworthy than any other apps. Most of the people think there is no other Android market than Google Play Store. So I hope this article will be very helpful for them as here I am going to discuss all you need to know about Blackmart APK.


Blackmart APK is basically an app which is the alternative to Google Play Store. This app supports almost all the smartphones and platforms such as android, blackberry, and windows. This is the best app for PC users especially those who are using Android emulator. By using this app, one can download and install all the Android apps. By using Blackmart APK, you can download and install your favorite Android games and apps for free that also without registration.

How to Download and Install Blackmart APK for Android Device?


The feature which catches everyone’s eye is this app allows you to download almost all the latest and famous apps which you will never ever get in Google play store. Another advantage of Blackmart App is you can download and use any app or game for free of cost which normally comes in Google play store as a paid app or an app with in-app purchases. Using this app is very easy too. Whenever you need to use Google play store you must login there with your Gmail ID but here you can access all the facilities without creating an account or registration.

As this Blackmart APK is not available in Google app store so we must download it from other third-party sites. Though it is a lengthy process compared to others, This is the only way to download the app. The downloading and installing process is given below

Features of Blackmart APK: Why this is a must-have App?


The features of Blackmart APK are much more improved than Google Play Store. Blackmart APK is very simple to use and provides many applications to download. The main thing is all the applications which are available there are for free of cost. You may find so many apps Google Play Store as paid app, but in Blackmart you will never see anything like that. Apart from this the rest features of Blackmart are

  1. >>By using this app, you can download all your favorite games and apps for free.

  2. >>This app is very user-friendly since you start using the app

  3. >>You can download and install everything in extreme speed.

  4. >>This app provides all the full downloadable apps only

  5. >>In Blackmart APK you will get multilingual option means you can choose your preferred language.

  6. >>There is no in-app purchases or any advertisements.

  7. >>Blackmart APK supports on almost all the Android versions from version 2.3 onwards.

  8. >>This app works on both rooted and nonrooted devices.

  9. >>Blackmart contains more than 10 millions of apps

Drawbacks of Blackmart APK:


Blackmart App is a huge market for the android market from where you can download all your favorite things at zero cost. This is an amazing app because there are many developers who upload their latest games here.  But this app comes with some drawbacks too. It’s a different thing that this app or market may include few malicious apps which were uploaded by some unknown developers. So sometimes downloading apps using this app may cause a risk to your device.



Though all the paid apps are not available in the Blackmart app you will get almost all the newly released app and games in Blackmart. If you want to install the paid apps and games for free, then it is a must-have an app on your Android device. By staying anonymous, you can download and install almost all the app and games from here which protects your privacy too. This is a very good alternative to the Google play store, and I recommend using this app only if you are interested in download the latest and paid games and apps for free.