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Globalization - A Boon Or a Curse to Mankind?

The term globalization has been defined in different ways by people all over the world,  even an international agency viewed it as the movement of people, language, ideas, and products around the world. In another view, some has defined it as the situation that arises when multinational corporations dominate every aspect of human living and in the process contribute to the destruction of cultural identities, they see this as a positive sign. Some others dislike the concept and are still hopeful they can have a change of mind.

Regardless of all the varied thoughts, it is clear that the concept of globalization has been discussed for many decades. We can easily recollect the use of the silk route to trade as obtained in the regions of Asia and also the spread of paper world wide from its production base in China.

Everyday brings us the reality of the impacts of globalization as we see both the negative and the positive sides. The earth is no longer what it used to be. The straightforward and the remote impacts of globalization has only spared a few things. A comprehensive analysis of the most notable changes has been in the area of technology. What we eat, the things we eat and where we choose to live have all being affected by Globalization.

Although we agree that the impact of technology on our educational systems Is quite negative it is also one of the possible solutions  to it. The advent of technology has enabled us to have substitute where we never had a choice although it also made some people run out of business. an instance is the decline in the use of copper wire for telecommunications as it used to be in the early 1970's.

Altered Food and Food Habits

A lot of poor health issues and being overweight are part of the effects of eating processed and organic foods. It is true that we now have a richer choice of what to eat and drink but it has been found out that a lot of the food might come with some harmful side effects Since they may have been improperly preserved or changed from their original state in order to have an higher yield. It has been argued that when food are changed from their original state the aim of the researcher is to boost production and not to retain it's purity and safety.

Another challenge that is now on the front burner is the speed at which people now embrace any style that will make them eat what they want by visiting restaurants, this customers  are however at the risk of eating foods that are not properly stored or processed because of the drive of the restaurant for profit. If the trend of selling this type of food continues people may have to settle for foods with poor nutrients and are also a risk to our health and body.

Globalization Leading to Urbanization

A lot of international changes has brought civilization to many communities and has forcefully United so many cultures in the aspect of transportation, fashion, music, products and services. However sacred cultures and social values are now lost to the advent of social media and the internet, people live boring lives and many have lost their cultural identity.

By the reason of influence and acceptance a lot of trends have corrupted local traditions and cultures. It has now become increasingly difficult to classify globalization  because as it came forcefully with a lot of advantages it is also with it's  disadvantages and most times we will still have to remain undecided on whether globalization has been helpful or harmful.

The world has witnessed  great change and people will always have diverse opinions because we are basically different in our exposure and style. We can not treat globalization as if it does not deserve some forms of control and moderation , this would really be harmful. We can in other words prefer to say that globalization  is nor really an advantage or disadvantage but a reality which has come to stay and also in need of proper control and attention.

We have heard people say that the world is now a global village with better life style but that is only part of the reality.

The array of biological and chemical weapons that people have now created leaves a constant fear of terrorism  in people's  heart. So many people are in constant fear of being replaced by machines at their place of work, opportunities  for becoming wealthier is open to the rich and it is increasingly difficult for the poor to have a decent living. People Are basically dependent on their gadgets and devices to live and this has also contributed to lack of exercise and the comsumption of processed foods with its attendant disdvantages on health and living.

The only way to  know in years to come if technology will be seen as a blessing or curse may have to be determined by The way it is applied or harnessed. If we actually look at all the innovations and inventions that we now have from technology  for example;  Computers, television, cars, electricity, fridges, bottle openers, telephones, pilot pens, , and the comfort and the convenience it has ushered in, it becomes so difficult to hope for a return to the centuries  that have gone.

By the advantage of technology we can send information almost immediately and it has really made people feel closer. However we also know that technology came with the disadvantages too.